Floorspec recommend when choosing a carpet you should consider more than just the look. One of the main factors when considering carpet is foot traffic that will be on the carpet once it is fitted. Here is a general guild to help you with your selection, but, with our large range of carpets available, we believe there really is something for every taste and every room.

Natural wool – warm, soft and easy to clean
Nylon – easy to clean & very hard wearing

Polypropylene – colour fast, easy to clean & stain resistant
Polyester – beautifully lustrous with high stain resistance



A luxury effect created by a low cut, densely matted fabric.

Cut and loop

Cut and Loop

A sculptured effect which is created by the use of different pile lengths.

Loop Two

Loop Two

Textured effects created by the multi-height loops on the fabric. Loop can be used to create a mock sisal look for a more natural effect.

Twist pile

Twist Pile

This extremely popular twisted fibre gives a defined, textured look. It always looks good as footprints and vacuum marks hardly show.



Ideal for that sumptuous feel under foot with this deep pile carpet style.



Looking for patterns, diamonds, twirls, stripes. Whatever you want patterned carpet creates a unique look to your room.

Natural flooring
If you are looking for a totally natural look then these fantastic materials are right for you. These fabrics are hard wearing and available in several shades to suit your home or workplace.

Sisal and Seagrass

Sisal 2
Sisal 3

Contract quality carpet tiles for the home or office

Floorspec can supply large range of carpet tiles including cut pile, loop pile, rib cord and velour. Carpet tiles are very versatile and adaptable to any shaped space from a home office to a large office complex. They can be easily maintained, because you can remove a single carpet tile to replace it. If one gets stained in most cases it is possible to remove it and simply wash in a sink and replace. Carpet tiles are a cost effect way of covering office type spaces.

Carpet Tiles

Carpet Tiles
Carpet Tiles 2
Carpet Tiles 3